Iron age spirit animal bear ring

Iron age spirit animal bear ring

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Handmade sterling silver ring adorned with a solid gold bear spirit animal. Crafted in a minimalist modern Scandinavian style. As you can tell, this modern style is harmoniously and skillfully merged with the ancient abstract animal depiction of the iron age north. A true and perfect merge of old and new.

Made from:

Sterling silver and solid gold detail or sterling silver and 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver detail.

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What is it?

Based on the many bear fibulae from iron age Scandinavia. This ring is adorned with a spirit animal in the form of a bear crafted in the classical iron age animal style. The bear was seen as the Grand Father of the woods in ancient Scandinavia. Not quite human, but human like enough to be understood as posessing human qualities. A way of understanding the bear which is still found among tribes of Siberia. As a spirit animal it imposes strength, courage and a deep rooted connection with the forest and its energies.