Viking chic dragon ear studs

Viking chic dragon ear studs

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Carefully handcrafted pair of down scaled ear studs inspired by a dragon brooch from Pederske, Bornholm. As a result of the down scaling the ear studs measuring just 1.3×1.5 cm., and comes packed with expression. Because of their discrete small size, these ear studs will bring a delicate feminine edge to any couture boho style. Furthermore as one you could expect a bit of viking chic excessoires will add a dash of hidden spirituality and mystic to any style.

Scroll down to read the full story about dragons in the Viking Age.

Made from:

Oxidized sterling silver or 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver.

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What is it?

Based on find from Bornholm, done by metal detectorist Michael Poulsen. In part with viking age folklore dragons where mythical creatures not quite of this world nor of the underworld. They where often depicted as freely moving through air and deep underground. A connection which gave them the capabilities to visit all of the nine realms of the world. Dragon heads where used on war ship, but they had to be used sensibly. If you didn’t remove the dragon heads on longship before landing, you could scare away the spirits of the land.