Ear stud face

Ear stud face

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Single handmade ear stud made in solid gold or gold plated sterling silver featuring the ancient iron age face.  Crafted in a minimalist modern Scandinavian style with a hint of underground grunge Bristol-punk. As you can tell, this modern style is harmoniously and skillfully merged with the ancient abstract animal depiction of the iron age north. A true and perfect merge of old and new.

Made from:

Sterling silver or 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver.

Prices include danish sales tax and VAT.

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Based on the many face depictions from iron and viking age Scandinavia. This ring is adorned with a modern stylized version of this ancient depiction in a ancient modern style. The face was often depicted with open mouth to symbolize the power of the word and the magic which lies within. As a charm this face empowers the human ability to speak and breath live into the world through our ability to put the lived life into words.