Freya charm

Freya charm

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A rare depiction of the Norse goddess Freya with her cats. At just 2×2 cm. this handmade charming little viking chic accessories is well fitted with loose summer attires. A perfect companion for those those long summer evenings in friends company. Read full story below.

Chain sold separately.

Made from:

Sterling silver, 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver, solid 14 kt. gold or solid 18 kt. gold.

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What is it?

Freya was a powerful Norse goddess associated with magic, love, war, fertility, prestige and much more. She is the elegant high Lady in the Norse pantheon riding a chariot pulled by powerful cats. Those who we remember with love are to be found in her great hall, just as those we remembered by their stories and deeds are seated next to poetry in the form of Odin, father of poetry himself. To carry Freya with you is to symbolize all that which she herself embodies. Love, caring, beauty, elegance, mystique and a carefree view on life.