Grenaa mjölnir charm

Grenaa mjölnir charm

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Handmade hammer pendant created with inspiration from the rolling landscape of Northen Denmark, Kattegat where vikings once sailed out. This modern recreation of the famed viking symbol takes a lot of inspiration from the elegant British counterparts which are not as stumpy as the Danish examples. Ravengaard wished to create a modern hammer which reminds its viewer of the feminine aspect of the old thunder god. Read the full story below.

Made from:

Sterling silver or 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver.

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To some the old god Thor is a fierce and mighty deity. Adorned with red hair and beard, strong and powerful, often the fertility aspect of this god is forgotten. But even until modern times people would hide small mjölnirs in bridal rooms of newly weds in Norway. You can still encounter red painted stones called “Old men” up in the Norwegian country site, close by fertile fields. These are all tradition echoing a long lost most more complex view of that old red haired god. To the people of ancient Scandinavia, to farmers who vastly outnumbered the warrior class Old Thor was a god of the field. With Thor thunder followed and he was the bringer of rain which would feed the crops. Even the name of Thors most fierce attribute his potency the mighty hammer mjölnir mirrors this ancient belief. Because mjölnir simply means to crush in the meaning of crushing and grinding corn to flour. We see the legacy of mjölnir in words such as mil and milling.