Iron age raven charm

Iron age raven charm

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Handmade solid gold or gold plated sterling silver charm featuring a kitsch abstraction on the black raven spirit animal. Crafted in a minimalist modern Scandinavian style with hints of the charms used in Italian high fashion. As you can tell, this modern style is harmoniously and skillfully merged with the ancient abstract animal depiction of the iron age north. A true and perfect merge of old and new.

Made from:

Sterling silver or 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver.

Chain not included.

Prices include danish sales tax and VAT.

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What is it?

The raven was seen as the entrance to the other world, it literally carried the dead to another world, piece by piece. Like a baroque Holy Communion the raven ate the dead thus connection them to the old raven god. By caring the raven motif people would symbolically associate them with the passing of man through raven to the High God.