Grimr from Rygene

Grimr from Rygene

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A carefully handmade reproduction of a small Grimr pendant from Rygene Norway, measuring just 2×2.6 cm., with astoundingly detailed for its small size. Conversely this is the smallest of the viking age face to date. Generally these pendants are interpret as Odin or even the trickster god Loki. Lastly if you want to learn more you can read the full story below.

Chain sold separately.

Made from:

Sterling silver or 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver.

Prices include danish sales tax and VAT.

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What is it?

A face pendant found by Rygene Metal Detecting society. This pendant is in a family of face pendants, found all over the viking world. We see them in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the UK. Following a tradtion which goes all the way back to the early iron age, the earliest depcition of these faces seems to be blowing wind. With the healing capabilities of breath and how Odin himself have breathed life into humans, this is not that far fetched an depiction. The later versions of these face pendants has equally a focus on the mouth and the movement of the jaws.