Spirit animal charm

Spirit animal charm

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Handmade gold coin medallion charm in solid gold or gold plated sterling silver featuring a man and his spirit animals, the horse, the raven and the wolf.  Crafted in a minimalist modern Scandinavian style with a hint of high end gypsy fashion. As you can tell, this modern style is harmoniously and skillfully merged with the ancient abstract animal depiction of the iron age north. A true and perfect merge of old and new.

Made from:

Sterling silver or 18 kt. gold plated sterling silver.

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What is it?

Based on the many face bracteates find iron age Scandinavia. This gold coin medallion fits in any fashionable attire. The horse symbolizes the unity with nature, the wolf symbolizes mans belonging in a group and the raven our closeness with the spiritual realm. As a charm this coin medallion empowers all these aspects of our modern lives.