Valkyrie fibulae found and made for metal detectorist Gerhardt Gudmand. Crafted in bronze and carefully recreated based of the original find. Measuring 40x20mm this fibuale includes a 2mm leather cord.

This one of a kind fibuale is still an active work in progress, since we are still finding the missing pieces. Read the full story below.

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What is it?

The valkyries where the carries of the deeds of dead men. The living memory of the stories we retell about people we held dear. Like all the great halls in the after life, valhal was a kenning or metaphor for the way we remembered the dead. To say a dear loved one had gone to valhal was to say his deeds and story of bravery was remembered with a touch of poetry. After all, who is sitting in valhall none other then the father of poetry Odin himself?